About Us

Ville e Giardini di Puglia (Villas and Gardens of Puglia) is a non-for-profit association founded by owners, supporters and devotees of gardens and parks in Puglia.  Our matter of interest is the heritage of parks and gardens which are part of villas, masserias, castles, noble residences and other buildings, in the countryside or in urban areas, as well as the heritage of landscapes and places with the character of "historical garden".


Matter of interest is also the heritage of another typology of historical landscape:

  • tree-lined squares and avenues, urban and country paths

  • annex gardens of public building

  • memorials such as cemeteries, memorial parks ad avenues

  • garden districts and public housing neighborhoods with gardens

  • monumental trees

  • landscaped areas and important, even recent, botanical collections

  • archeological areas with significative greenery


The Association promotes cultural initiatives for its Associates and, more generally, the knowledege and promotion of the architectural, artistic, cultural, historical, landscape and botanical  heritage of Puglia's villas and gardens, both nationally and internationally. 

Particularly, the Association aims to:

  • promoting and supporting in any way the study, knowledge, conservation, promotion, and the enjoyment of the cultural heritage of Puglia's gardens and villas

  • networking villas and historical gardens of Puglia and helping garden owners to cooperate and exchange experiences and best practices

  • safeguarding and improving the landscape and botanical heritage of Puglia

  • supporting public autorithies in protecting the Puglia landscape

Why Joining Us

In first place, our Association provides garden owners with a basic technical assistance to maintain, protect and promote their gardens.  

More importantly, the gardens and the villas of our Association are not merely a list or an itinerary, but rather constitute a network aiming at creating an exemplary economic circuit. In fact our mission is to help private and public gardens make an income by means of marketing and communications services which give visibility and promote the gardens in Italy and internationally. Moreover, our Association intends to apply for, and support garden owners in the application process for, regional and european financial aid measures for the gardens belonging to the network.

By joining Ville e Giardini di Puglia, you will also gain free admission to the Association's network of gardens, according to each garden's policies, and discounts on the admission  to other historical gardens and on gardening products, plants and books of our associates.


Board of Directors

Vincenzo Cazzato - Chairman

Damiano Reale - Vice-chairman

Elvira Addonizio

Gianfranco Aurisicchio

Fabio Ippolito

Biancamaria Cavaliere

Elisabetta Pasanisi

Alma Sammarco - Special Activities

Articles of Association

Associazione Ville e Giardini di Puglia
Via G. Candido, 6
73100 Lecce
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