The Garden of  Palazzo De Raho

Palazzo De Raho was built in the 1930s by Doctor Francesco De Raho, grandfather of the present owner, who bought the corner plot of the garden of Villa Frisari, on the plans of the engineer Ruggieri. It was built on two floors and is completely surrounded at the back and on the two short sides by an area of garden.


The façade, carried out in a sober and correct neoclassical style, is only livened up from time to time by rare suggestions of art déco. It is built of Lecce stone, whilst the lower parts are in “carparo” another more yellowish and harder stone.  In the centre of the back of the house, on the first floor, there is a large terrace, from which there is an excellent view of the church/convent complex of the Carmine.  The floors and windows are all original and even the interior furnishing consists of many “historical” pieces coming mainly from the residence that the family had had in the old part of the town.


Once through the gateway one enters a large covered entrance from which, on the right, the stairway consisting of two very wide flights goes upwards. This is totally covered in Carrara marble and surmounted by another pavilion–type roof open on all sides, which thus allows daylight to illuminate everything.


It is one of the few examples of unaltered architecture from the beginning of the twentieth century and thus represents an exceptional witness to the period, not having undergone any forms of restauration, and can be considered an urban villa in the centre of the town.

Disclaimer: The information and the text about the garden are provided by the owners

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