The Garden of  Palazzo Carrelli-Palombi

This work of Michele Manieri dates back to the same period as Palazzo Guarini, Largo S. Giusto, Palazzo Morelli located in Marco Basseo street, and the Cathedral of Oria: it’s middle 18th century. Despite its narrow façade and the contrast between its elevation and the narrow front path, the palace successfully reveals its civil and essential soul: the architectural structure joins the lower part to the noble floor, the front door to the central balcony, and the windows to the two balconies, providing an impression of coherence.


The external consistency is lost inside. Like in a bell tower, the staircase - an architectural wim – is situated in a place surrounded by high arched windows, which are a reminder of the same impetus which characterizes the “Palazzo degli Imperiali” façade in Manduria;  further on, the existing long balcony, with its 17th century corbels,  runs at a right angle, from the courtyard up to the garden.

The newly planned garden underwent a botanical restoration in 1990s, the aim being to create an enclosed garden, which is typical of Lecce. Different kinds of bougainvillea create an impressive setting, while next to the existing citrus and kaki trees, next to the newly planted trees, a Jacaranda finds its ideal location along with the cow itch tree and a Washingtonia palm. Along the walkway, introduced by two polygala myrtifolia, there are borders of santolina and agapanthus, mixed with germanders, lemongrass and different species of blue flowering Hebe.

On the right, the lawn houses yellow lamium, bamboos covering the wall, a stone seat, framed on the back by a box hedge, and an iron gazebo showing the Palombi family crest.   

Disclaimer: The information and the text about the garden are provided by the owners

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