Masseria Santu Lasi

The “masseria” is situated on the highest point of the Salentine hills (102 meters above sea level) between the Ionic coast and the little town of Salve.  A path, from which the sheep were herded, leads to an area fenced with high dry stone walls in which there are some niches that were used as troughs. In line with the path there is the “palmento” where once the grapes were crushed and where some apiaries are still present. The vegetation is composed by almond trees, prickly pears, pomegranates and aromatic plants.

Passing through the fenced area, one enters the courtyard overlooked by the masseria façade. The building dates back to the XVIst century even if some extensions were added later in XVIII. It is made of tuffs and stones and boats two floors and two “caditoie” above the main entrances. The first floor, inhabited by the "massaro", was used for the production (dairy, jams, etc.); the second floor was the seasonal residence of the owner.

The courtyard, in the middle of which there is a raised cistern, is overlooked also by a cylindrical dovecote tower, dating back to1577. In the background there are other buildings in which the animals were sheltered, and several enclosures for sheep and other animals.

In the near orchard there is a monolith; a little path hemmed by stones leads to a cistern in which the waters of the “chiancaro” flow through canals dug in the rock.
The orchard is composed of citrus trees, a beautiful mulberry tree lying on the ground, an ancient fig, bay laurel trees, hawthorns, and azaroles. These are the typical botanical presences of masseria gardens and they are now suffering genetic erosion. In a nearby area, particularly aired, there is a “pajara” and two circular barnyards: one is carved in the rock, the other is an artificial bank.

Disclaimer: The information and the text about the garden are provided by the owners

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