Villa De Giorgi

In the years between the end of WWII and the mid-Fifties, Villa De Giorgi - along the old road to San Pietro in Lama - is both an example of Pietro Porcinai's influence in Salento and an example of reusing baroque elements.  


At the garden entrance you can see an inscription remembering Siena Camollia's gate ( "Cor magis tibi Sena pandit") - and a group of six cypress trees around a water basin and a statue of David playing the harp.


If the residence in the center of the park takes an architecture model medievalist beyond the Alps with a crenellated turret at an angle, in the garden there are spaces with a strong scenic value. Along the wall - on which there is a small loggia-belvedere - some embedded in the plaster bas mo 'findings translate passages of still lifes that seem drawn from paintings of the early decades of the twentieth century (bottle with flowerpot, branch with fruit, leaf with snail, fish with trident) and propose in an essential way a "modern" reading of the concept of fragment of the past. A corner of the wall is instead marked by a real ancient capital, as if to anticipate that happy marriage between modernity and classicism present in the gar-no drawing. Here, the most significant areas are a must-sca of the basilica-shaped water fountain in the center; a canopy well (1723) with real octagon shaped irregularly; a theatrical place bordered by balustrades with statues and a raised stage in four steps; a double staircase that frames a spa mixtilinear where, within a niche with the inscription "Sitienti populo errant effluit", is the figure of Moses, his head bowed and arms resting on a stone table bearing the phrase, It comes from Exodus: "Ego sum Dominus tuus fortis, zelotes, visitans iniquitem patrum in filios in tertiam et quartam generationem".

The botanical choices are limited to the use of evergreens, especially pine trees, viburnum, privet, cypresses. Stands next to the tower a fine specimen of Araucaria bidwillii in addition to a remarkable flowering of Rosa banksiae.

Disclaimer: The information and the text about the garden are provided by the owners

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