Villa Saetta

Villa Saetta has a very young garden, it’s just 15 years old, designed and constantly looked after by the owners Carlo and Anna de Michele.

The same land (2 hectars) was formerly a vineyard with its own Casino since the XVIII century. On 1892, Carlo’s great-grandfather, Don Lorenzo Saetta, commissioned the architect Luigi Arditi the construction of “Villa Saetta” that can still be admired in its original shape.

The surrounding land, even after the Villa was built, maintained its agricultural destination (almonds, a citrus grove surrounded by walls, a small vineyard and a vegetable garden for the keepers of the Villa). No original project for any structured garden was found.

Villa Saetta was inherited by the current owners at the end of the 90’s, after several years of abandonment. Even doubtful and worried, they started a slow restoration of the interiors, at the beginning. Right afterwards a huge effort was produced for the renovation of the land: the project consisted of a front garden, the reorganization of the citrus grove, the plantation of a Olive tree grove (100 plants). All interventions were set to be harmonic and coherent with the local surroundings and traditions.

The front garden is structured with hedges of Mediterranean shrubs as lentiscus, myrtles, strawberry trees, laurels, oaks, pomegranates. On one side a spontaneous Pine forest grew among the Tagghiate (leftovers of the original excavations for the Villa’s stones). The back garden was kept as a “relax area” with threes, odorous shrubs, roses and jasmines. The aim of the whole garden is to remember the natural sequence of seasons and the deep meaning and beauty of each single phase of the cycle. Respect and love for nature and its cycles emerge while walking through the Villa’s garden: the spring blooming, the winter calm and rest. And then the summer, dominating season with its burning sun: several plants sacrifice green watery leaves to keep a vital heart ready for a second and unexpected autumn blooming. 

Disclaimer: The information and the text about the garden are provided by the owners

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